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If you stay longer than 3 months in Germany and intend to work, you will need a visa. Depending on your intention of stay, you will have to apply for different visa.
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Documents Translation
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If you like to stay longer in Germany it is recommended to learn German. People in larger cities like Düsseldorf speak English but it is always good to be able to communicate with the locals. We can help with finding the right courses for you.
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Job Consulting
Money is important when you relocate anywhere you go. In Germany there are certain jobs with lack of trained workers (e.g. IT). Let's talk about the profession you are in and what would suit you best.
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Tax is an important topic when you have income especially when you work or run a company. We can provide you information and contacts to tax agents working with us.
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Real Estate
Accommodation can be quite expensive in larger cities like Düsseldorf. There are several options to find accommodation. We provide information on how to find suitable accommodation.
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Public transport is great in large cities whether it is train, bus or metro. In the outskirts area though it is important to have a car. In the beginning of your journey it can be beneficial to stay in a large city where public transport is easy access.
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Business Registration
If you have a great business idea and you think Germany is a great place to start it up, we can help you with it. We can provide you the information how to register a company.
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This case features the visa options and the visa process


This case will show you expected costs and expenses


This cases will show you how to find accomodation and what to expect